natural extract Mangosteen Extract powder

natural extract Mangosteen Extract powder
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natural extract Mangosteen Extract powder

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Mangosteen extract 

Product Name: Mangosteen extract

Botanical Source: Garcinia Mangostanal L

Part Used: Fruit

Appearance: Brown fine powder.

Specification: 10.0%Alfa-Mangostin ; 10:1

Test Method: HPLC/ TLC

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Health Benefits:

1.Antioxidant, anti-aging

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3.Improving arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis

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4.Treatment of diarrhea and tuberculosis

5.Anti-HIV protease

6.Anti-bacterial for treating acne

7.Alpha-mangostin is a major component, which possess anti-inflammatory and antibacterial activities against methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus, S. epidermidis, and Propioni bacterium acne, which is the critical agent in acne.

medical use: 

Mangosteen is a tropical fruit. The fruit, fruit juice, rind, twig, and bark are used as medicine.
Mangosteen is used for diarrheaurinary tract infections (UTIs), gonorrheathrush,tuberculosis, menstrual disorders, cancerosteoarthritis, and an intestinal infection called dysentery. It is also used for stimulating the immune system and improving mental.
Some people apply mangosteen to the skin for eczema and other skin conditions.
Mangosteen is often eaten as a dessert fruit or made into jams. History reports that it was Queen Victoria’s favorite fruit.
These days, mangosteen juice is becoming a popular “health drink.” It is usually sold under the name “xango juice.” Some marketers claim that xango juice can treat diarrhea, menstrual problems, urinary tract infections, tuberculosis, and a variety of other conditions. However, there is no reliable scientific evidence to support these claims.

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Packing Detail:

Net weight: 25Kg per Drum. Packed in two plastic-bags with paper-drum outside Or as per customers request.

Storage: Store in a cool, dry and well-sealed container; Keep away from moisture and strong light/heat.

Shelf life: Two years under specified environment.